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Products designs exclusively for those who struggle with  hair that is coarse, curly, dry or frizzy.
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Dry oil care for hair and scalp

  • Vitamins A, B-Complex and C, plus carbohydrates fuel hair vitality.
  • Amazing dry oil never leaves a greasy feel.
  • Try it on your skin – you’ll love the silky results.

4 oz. $7.99
Product Detail
An amazing selection of nourishing dry oils that help keep the hair supple and soft without an oily or greasy feel. A little goes a long way. Try it on your skin, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the silky results.

Ellin Says
“This is a product I use every day. . . on my hair and my skin. My clients love the way it absorbs so quickly, giving hair moisture and softness that most lotions can’t provide. And, at a recent doctor appointment, my doctor remarked on how soft my skin was. Don’t just use it on your hair. . .”
Product Tips

  1. Use as an overnight treatment. Simply apply to any problem areas of your hair or scalp and cover in plastic wrap while you rest. When you wake, apply OptiMoist before you wet your hair, rinse and follow up with ReconstructMasque and SatinSoft. Your hair has never been softer or shinier!
  2. Apply to towel-dried hair, then put on a plastic cap or wrap your head in plastic wrap. Allow enough time for the oil to penetrate both hair and scalp. After about 15-20 minutes follow with gentle, Grape Seed Oil infused OptiMoist Shampoo to remove any excess oil, then dry and style. For natural, braided or weaved hair NourishOil can be applied daily to provide extra moisture and reduce breakage.
LV5 Natural Ingredients

These five botanicals below are all combined in each product at various levels depending on the benefit provided. In concentrated amounts they help smooth, soften, and provide moisture to naturally curly, wavy, or kinky hair.

Brazil Nut Oil
Pequi Oil
Cupuaçú Seed Butter
Maracuja Passion Fruit Emollient
Grape Seed Procyandins and Tocopherols

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